Making Connections that Matter

Photography in Collaboration with    XXIII Photo

Photography in Collaboration with XXIII Photo

Instagram is a social networking service that can propel your business and connect you directly with your ideal client or customer when used efficiently. Their goal is for their users to consume content through their app for as long as possible throughout the day. Therefore, when you are designing an Instagram strategy for your brand, aim to create content with the sole purpose of creating a connection beyond the service you provide or product you sell. 

Instead of focusing the strategy on your numbers (i.e. Followers, Likes) focus on making connections that matter. Focus on connecting with like-minded individuals that will value and relate to your content. What you see in the world is often times what your audience seeks in the world. They follow you in hopes you will deliver a perspective they would not have gained otherwise. Think "behind the scenes".  

So, How can you serve your current audience & gain new followers in the process?

By starting a #conversation.

Hashtags are a tool that can assist greatly in achieving your marketing goals.


a word or phrase preceded by the symbol # that classifies or categorizes the accompanying text

Block off time and make genuine connections by following these two tips:

  • Follow Hashtags

    • Did you know that you can follow a hashtag just as you follow accounts on Instagram? This feature is a great way to add content to your feed from like-minded accounts you would not have been likely to come in contact with otherwise.

      • For example, our client, Medicine for the Soul Entertainment, implements the hashtag #medicineforthesoul on most post strategies. By following the hashtag itself, we are often pleasantly surprised by the quality content that populates on our feed while scrolling daily. We always engage by giving the photo a double tap and if it really peeks our interest (or involves music) we show a little more love with a 5 piece emoji medley. This engagement has lead to many new followers of the account that consistently engage because we connected based off a common interest.


  • Search Hashtags

    • Why do you use hashtags? To be found. By simply clicking on the hashtags you are using for your content, you are being active in opening the door to new connections. Again, engage with the content that catches your eye or aligns with your brands messaging by liking the photo and commenting your praises.


Don't use hashtags? Start today! 

  • Start defining your hashtag strategy by knowing:

    • You can post up to 30 however, it is suggest you use a maximum of 10;

    • We post ours to follow our captions, however if you feel you want to post as a comment make sure it is posted within 15 seconds of posting or they are ineffective;

    • Think in the terms your followers would be search for!


TRY THIS: Next time you post on Instagram, immediately click on a minimum of three hashtags you used to search and engage with. Remember when you engage, you are more likely to receive engagement! The more engagement, the more Instagram pushes your content to their users that they want to continue scrolling on their platform.

From there, click the Location you chose to Tag your photo on the top left of the post and double tap all the photos that reflect your brand values or catch your attention until the content starts to get dated. 

BONUS: After you have done all the engaging your thumbs can take via Location Tag + Hashtags, take to your feed! Engage with those you are currently following, see what they are talking about and join the #conversation! 


Let us know how your numbers looked compared to other recent posts!